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Aircraft Acquisition and Ownership Issues
Aircraft ownership can add value and convenience to your business and personal life, but maintaining proper ownership and acquiring new aircraft are often accompanied by complex legal, liability, and tax-related concerns.  James Robb assists clients with issues related to aircraft acquisition and ownership, ensuring that the complexities of general ownership, as well as any-sized transaction, are handled in a smooth, logical, and efficient manner that results in clear titles and limited liability going forward. The items below provide a sampling of services clients can benefit from:

Aircraft transactions
From small private aircraft to large corporate jets with complex layered ownership/lease arrangements and difficult lien situations, James Robb can guide you through the process, developing customized sale agreements, as well as other documents and provisions to move the transaction forward

Ownership model selection
Selecting the appropriate ownership model (whether as an individual or with a new corporate entity), based on your particular situation to limit liability exposure and maximize tax advantages

Title searching and title insurance assistance
Providing research and investigation to confirm aircraft titles are not encumbered by FAA-recorded liens, IRS liens, possessory liens, or other liens not accessible through FAA records, as well as obtaining the proper title insurance for your aircraft

Aircraft lien and title encumbrances
Assisting with clearing of title if liens or encumbrances against your aircraft title are discovered

Aircraft registration, including International registry
Ensuring proper documents and procedures are followed to record your registration with the FAA and, when applicable, under the Capetown Convention with the international registry

Sales and use tax advice
Advising as to the best location/states in which to accept delivery, base the aircraft, and operate to minimize or avoid sales and use taxes

Insurance acquisition and coverage issues
Assisting with the selection of an insurance company that suits your operation of the aircraft and has the financial stability to pay should claims arise, as well as customizing the coverage to minimize personal risk exposure

Establishment of corporations and LLCs
Accomplishing streamlined establishment of entities in Delaware, where there are low franchise taxes and minimal organizational requirements

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