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James A. Robb, Attorney

Airport Operational Issues
Airport operators must keep apprised of zoning and land use rules, FAA funding criteria, and application processes for improvements, and often require legal assistance with leasing of hangar space and fueling contracts.  Governmental owners have their own unique considerations as well.  James Robb can lend his expertise as both a private and government attorney to ensure your legal issues are handled with care.

Zoning and land use issues
Determining what restrictions and rules exist, as well as how to comply with them

FAA airport funding
Assisting public and private airports in obtaining funding from the FAA for runway, taxiway, and other  expansions or improvement projects

Governmental immunity issues
As a government attorney for more than five years, James Robb is highly familiar with the types of state, county, and municipal immunities that can protect governments (as well as their agencies and authorities) from liability against civil lawsuits, and can determine the proper insurance coverage to ensure premiums take these immunities into account 

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