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James A. Robb, Attorney

Robb Aviation Law can assist your operation with a variety of aviation and legal issues ranging from navigating complex sales transactions to handling difficult insurance liability issues. We encourage you to read more about the services James Robb provides to clients by clicking below:

Aircraft acquisition and ownership issues

Aircraft operational issues

Airport operational issues

Loss Control

Organizational review and compliance

Insurance law
Loss Control
Limiting liability exposure for property damage or injuries requires comprehensive systems and procedures of aircraft maintenance, crew qualifications and currency, operational procedures, preflight planning, and other operational matters.
Operational Review and Compliance
Organizational structures are not one-size-fits-all and must be established and reviewed to appropriately fit each aircraft operation and ensure insulation from liability.   
Insurance Law
Acquiring and maintaining insurance coverage that fits the needs of aircraft pilots and operators is essential to limiting personal liability for damages to others.  
Aircraft Acquisition & Ownership Issues
Aircraft ownership can add value and convenience to your business and personal life, but maintaining proper ownership and acquiring new aircraft are often accompanied by complex legal, liability, and tax-related concerns. 
Aircraft Operational Issues
Airport Operational Issues
Airport operators must keep apprised of zoning and land use rules, FAA funding criteria, and application processes for improvements, and often require legal assistance with leasing of hangar space and fueling contracts.
Operating an aircraft without violating the FARs or conditions of insurance policies requires constant vigilance.